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M1A SPRINGFIELD NM, problems (full auto)

This is a discussion on M1A SPRINGFIELD NM, problems (full auto) within the Devine M1A forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I've had that happen. I bought a rifle with ornamental auto parts that were nailed to the stock. I think that's the way these kits ...

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I've had that happen.

I bought a rifle with ornamental auto parts that were nailed to the stock. I think that's the way these kits come. It turned out, it was touching the sear on the trigger just enough to make the rifle double. Did it twice.

Needless to say, I took those parts out when I got home. If you have a kit, I would remove it. I don't think they're illegal, because they can't attach to the receiver, but they can accidentally make your rifle double or, I'm guessing, potentially can go through a whole magazine.

Or you can replace the m14 trigger and sear with a Garand trigger and sear if you want to keep the ornaments.

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Dear friends,
the problem is solved, it was just the gas plug, that was not tight
Thank you for your opinions

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That's an interesting conclusion since the gas plug has no relation at all to trigger functions.

The doubling malfunction (we don't like to call it full auto as that can lead to a lot of trouble in the USA) is caused either by mechanical problems or operator error. In the case of operator error, it relates to follow through in trigger control - holding the trigger back until the recoil cycle is complete. Mechanical issues include triggers set up too light (below 4.5 pounds) and badly worn or broken parts. Match grade M14 rifles have triggers set to 4.5 pounds or greater for just this problem. However, this can and does contribute to operator error in that it is very easy to bump the trigger when the rifle recoils, causing the second shot. That is why follow through is so important. I'd note too that this issue usually occurs when shooting from the bench when the operator fails to concentrate on proper trigger control.

Thanks from French Ranger
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Old April 7th, 2017, 05:03 PM   #19
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As usual, Ted is correct. The gas plug has nothing to do with it, but I think I understand how it happened, or could have happened.

If I'm right, the adjustable gas plugs like Schuster could be tuned and sweetened to do the same thing. The plug being loose caused a loss of gas pressure normally used to run the action cycle and re-cock the hammer.

This cycle began short stroking from loss of operating pressure and the bolt was coming back just far enough to grab another round waiting in the mag, but not far enough to reset the hammer on the disconnect portion of the trigger.....but don't ask me how, because it should have. If it goes back far enough to get a round, the hammer should cock if there is no stock issues. Maybe the trigger guard was not completely latched up, that would do it. Letting the rear of the TG come down just enough during cycle to not cock hammer fully.

This caused hammer follow and lit off the next round or two, until he backed off the trigger and let his finger move forward and off it.

Second scenario, because he was losing gas, he was feeling less and less recoil on his shoulder, and sub-consciously he relaxed and quit pulling it into his body as hard, causing bump fire.

Moral of the story....keep a check on your gas plug torque, put a witness mark on it, and check it before and after range or match day.....and have your wife, girlfriend, buddy, etc......have bail money handy to get you out before a weekend.

Thanks from bigbang and French Ranger
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Old April 9th, 2017, 01:55 AM   #20
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Very interesting explanation and advice are advised and they will be followed, thank you
The important thing is that it works normally again and that I can continue to use my M1A without being afraid to see the GIGN or the RAID arrive
In brief as we say "tout est bien qui finit bien" (everything is good that ends well)

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