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M1A prices January 1973

This is a discussion on M1A prices January 1973 within the Devine M1A forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; In 1971 a Powder Springs, Ga. M.A.C. Ingram M10 went for $125.00 and the SIONICS supressor for $150.00 (IIRC). Of course that is not counting ...

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In 1971 a Powder Springs, Ga. M.A.C. Ingram M10 went for $125.00 and the SIONICS supressor for $150.00 (IIRC). Of course that is not counting the $200.00 tax on each one. Prices were reasonable, but money was still tight.

Thanks from CowetaCo
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I paid $225.00 for #000690 in 1974. It was used, but like new condition. I still own it.

Thanks from WaM14gunner
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Originally Posted by RDS View Post
Below were the list retail prices for a M1A in January 1973

Issue Grade with fiber glass stock $200.00

Issue Grade with wood stock $215.00

Match Grade with glass bedded stock $250.00

A-1 (E2) with birch M14A1 stock assembly $250.00

Price for Standard Rifle with walnut GI Stock $269.95

Price for Standard Rifle with GI Stock $297.50
Match Rifle $397.50
HB Match Rifle $424.50

Price for Standard Rifle GI Fiberglass Stock $361.67
Match Rifle $488.75
Super Match $540.50
Note $30.00 additional for new mfg walnut stock
What is the differance between Match rifle and Super Match??

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Heavy Barrel vs Standard weight NM barrel.

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Originally Posted by danthman114 View Post
aint that the truth. I would have a couple super birds, some yenko built cars, and an indian motorcycle...
Had a 69 hemi RR in sept. 79' , could have had a pile of M1A'a if I only knew. Car is long gone but I do have a 1 of 40 , 1973 340/4spd Dodge charger near the garage now that is fun to drive to the range.
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Thanks from JEFFJP_N_JJ
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Back in 72, I was renting a room from a gun shop. Got to get into the gun store and do some smithing and selling and buying.

I now wish I would have bought every Colt 1911 that came into the shop that the owner wanted $50 for it.

Some of the things that came back from Vietnam were cheap $$ wise.

Hell who remembers the cases of SKS's for $70.00

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Thumbs up

My dad was a NRA life member and in the 1960s he bought an M1 carbine thru them for about $28.00 IIRC. He put a Monte Carlo stock on it. I thought it looked terrible but alot of the WWII and Korean War vets did that to them. When pop passed away in the mid 1990s I put a NOS USGI stock on it and like a dumb*** I sold it to buy some Harley parts. It was an Inland, all original parts.
Dad had bought a Garand in the 60s but sold it. He carried a carbine in WWII and a greaser in Korea, he said he liked them better than the M1 Garand.

I bought a brand new VW Beetle for $1999.00 out the door, complete with factory air from Gunther VW in Ft. Lauderdale in 1973. When you turned the ac on the power just drained away, not that it had a bunch anyways.

Stuff was cheaper but as another poster said money was hard to make but went farther. The purple Sunoco hi test leaded 104 octane gas was 37 cents a gallon when I was in high school. KMart sold SP1s for about $275.00 IIRC in 1973 also.

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It's just not that way anymore. In 40 years nobody will be posting damn I wish I would have bought all those G19's.
Famous last words I guess I should be stacking them up. I was saying that the g19 is the 2016 equivalent of a series '70 1911 in the 1970's. Even though I would still take the 1911 If given the choice. You never can tell what will be valuable. I never thought a JM stamped marlin lever gun used would sell for more than a tikka t3 lite NIB but I was wrong about that too.

Just my 2 cents.

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Howdy Buckeroos,


In October of 1972 I bought a new Chevy LUV truck for $ 2,050.00 (less $ 600.00 trade-in for my 1970 Dodge Coronet).

I was making $ 1.60 an hour greasing trucks.

The payments were around fifty dollars a month.

I don't need Polygrip yet, but neither do I need to comb my hair.

Dinner and a movie for two cost less than ten dollars.

Times were different.

Keep yer powder dry and yer eight track player running,


Thanks from WaM14gunner and M14wannabe
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Archie Bunker was right, those were the days my friends, and I thought that they would never end.

Merry Christmas to everyone or Hanukkah.

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An older guy I used to work with loved to say "I'd bet dollars to donuts"

With donuts being $0.99 each, I'd look at him and say "you're showing your age Bill"

He'd just smile and shake his head...and call me a pup.

Thanks from RDS

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Present-Day Value From an Apple IPO Investment

As of July 24, 2015, Apple closed at $124.50 per share. Currently, the initial investment of $990 would be worth $313,740, which is 2,520 shares multiplied by $124.50 per share. The ROI is an immense 31,590.90%.

You would have also benefited from the dividends that Apple paid out since its IPO. In 2014 alone, Apple's dividend payment of $1.85 per share would have grown the investment by $2,696.40, since it had paid out two cash dividends (43.57 cents per share and 47 cents per share) before the seven for one stock split and two cash dividends (both 47 cents per share) after the split.

Apple went public on December 12th, 1980.

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I remember picking these up around 1980 give or take. The brochure is copyright 1978. The advertisement is from an issue of Shotgun News, date unknown.

Thank you,
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Thanks from RDS
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