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Make your own .22 bullets from 22LR cases?

This is a discussion on Make your own .22 bullets from 22LR cases? within the Broken Arrow forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Has any body done this? Corbin still sells dies you can use in a good press to form your own .22 caliber bullet jackets from ...

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Make your own .22 bullets from 22LR cases?

Has any body done this? Corbin still sells dies you can use in a good press to form your own .22 caliber bullet jackets from fired 22lr cases. I would like to try it, I know I would not be making match bullets but in a SHTF scenario bullets will be hard to find.


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I don't know why, but I was just thinking about this last week. I read somewhere that during WW2 a lot of reloaders did just that. You could not find reloading bullets in any caliber then, so they started doing this.

I say, NOW, I will not be reloading 22 centerfire, but the situation and my attitude could change.

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Wideners has 5000 packs of Privi 75gr HPBT's listed as being in stock. Much easier than swaging your own bullets.
Its easier to just buy components in bulk when you can and you won't have to resort to screwing with this type of thing.
Just my two cents worth.

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A few things to keep in mind about brass jacketed 22 LR projectiles:
1- 3,000 FPS MV max.
2- Twist rate no faster than 1:9 or they will not make it to even 100 yards.
3- Reuse of 22 LR jackets is indeed possible but you have to know how to CLEAN them very, very well or you risk shooting dirt impregnated brass down your barrels and/or having spent ? still inside those cases to cause a major imbalance problems.
4- There's a bunch more to it that the above....
The good part.
1- Explosive fragmentation much like the near 4,000 FPS MV 22's at 3,000 FPS which can be gotten with 223 Rem class capacity cases.
I've made many thousands of these things over the past five years and thus can write with some authority about what can be expected from this class of projectile.
I really like them myself but find making them annoying as they are a PITA to produce and the reject rate is really high. But when you hit a jack and the fur literally flies at only 3,000 fps MV it's all worth it to me.
Myself, if I need a low penetration load this type of projectile is one of the better choices to consider.

Thanks from joesig and Pants

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I looked at it years ago but couldn't afford it. Now its anywhere from about $600 to $1200 depending on the stuff you buy for it.

Up side is once you get the equipment the jackets are virtually free (you can just shovel them up by the hundreds at the range during "normal" times) and the lead cores are fairly cheap even if you buy the lead wire spools.

And, you can have bullets for your .223 when no one has any to sell.

I believe, on the Corbin site, they also list the equipment to make jackets for .243/6MM bullets as well and maybe .25 caliber bullets.

Isn't this how the original owner of the Speer bullet company got started??

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Guys, OP is about 22LR. Please keep post on topic.

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Originally Posted by huntinghawk View Post
Guys, OP is about 22LR. Please keep post on topic.
No, it's about using .22 lr brass to make .224 bullets. The idea being to use fired .22 lr brass in a swage, with a lead slug, to swage 22 cal bullets for .223 or any other 22 caliber rifle.


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