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Win M70 stock and bedding question

This is a discussion on Win M70 stock and bedding question within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Hey guys, I have two questions: I am looking for a replacement stock for my M70 long action (30-06), post-64. I went to the McMillan ...

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Question Win M70 stock and bedding question

Hey guys,
I have two questions: I am looking for a replacement stock for my M70 long action (30-06), post-64. I went to the McMillan site but they are a little too pricey. Either wood or synthetic is fine. I have it currently in a Win factory synthetic. Secondly, I do not know how to bed a stock, well, partially in theory only. Can someone explain it in the simplest terms?

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This would work nicely for you.

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Man, this solves both issues for me. I had to save that link to my favorites......

Thanks much.

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You might want to go back and look at McMillans specials and call them on the phone to see what they have in returns or ordered but not paid for category. Their specials are right in the same price range as the Midway on the link. Also HS precision in Rapid City, SD makes very good stocks for that rifle.

Glass bedding is not difficult. You will want to do the reciever and about 2-3 inches of the barrel closest to the reciever. It's basically a case of diassembling the barreled action down to reciever and barrel. Clay in all the orifices where the glass might go that it shouldn't. Spray release agent on everything, mix the glass, pour it where you want it and put together the barreled action and floorplate/guard assembly with the stock and let it sit till the glass sets up. Then take it out of the stock. That's a quick explanation and probably a bit over simplified but that's it. Best two compounds that I use are Acra Glass Gel from Brownells and Devcon Plastic STeel (Marine Corp Play dough). Devcon Plastic Steel is what the Marine Precision Rifle unit uses and has for years. When mixed properly and set up, you can machine it on a mill. It's good stuff but harder to use than Acra Glass Gel. Regular Acra Glass is very good but very runny and takes a bit more expertise than the other compounds. Good luck

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Hogue makes a pillar and full alum bedded stocks for the M70 in black and OD green. The full bedded runs about $180-$200. There called Hogue overmolded stocks.

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I would still bed a stock that had an aluminum frame. They are nice, and make the stock a bit more stiff, but it still needs to be bedded to your action. It has made a bit of difference in those I have had with an aluminum block, like my 700 LTR (although that now wears a McMillan A5).

I'm also not a fan of Hogue, but AI does make a nice stock if that is what you are after.

If you are looking for a McMillan style stock, but without the price, check out Manners stocks. Half price, a quarter of wait time, and a fine stock.

Be sure to be liberal with the release agent, and turn the stock screws every few hours. I like to use Steel Bed for mine, but have used Acraglass and Marine Tex as well. In a pinch, I've even used JB Weld, but would rather stick to the others listed above.

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