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Mosin for $400 at LGS

This is a discussion on Mosin for $400 at LGS within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; If the rifles are Finnish M39, then that's about the going rate. If they are refurb 91/30s, then that's too much. The 91/30s are going ...

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Old November 22nd, 2016, 05:01 AM   #16
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If the rifles are Finnish M39, then that's about the going rate.

If they are refurb 91/30s, then that's too much. The 91/30s are going for around $200 to $250. Hex receivers tend to bring a higher price than round receivers.

I recently sold a Mosin for $400, but that was an M38 in an M38 stock (no bayonet cutout). Now that was fun to shoot, especially the heavy ball. I kind of miss it, but I digress.

If they are M39 and you want one, I'd say buy it.

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Old November 22nd, 2016, 05:37 AM   #17
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Maybe the LGS bought them thinking Hitlery was going to be POTUS and they overpaid to have them before the inauguration so now they are just trying to get their money back out of them.

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I have several 91/30s, couple of M44s and a couple of Finn M39s. For the 91/30s, never paid more than $90 out the door, and I still thought I was paying too much. While fun to shoot, would never want to trust my life with one.

One of the M44s I have is quite accurate, and they are even more fun to shoot.

Same with my Finns... quite accurate. One of them is a "B" barrel, and looks unissued.

Now, $400 per rifle? That just leaves one scratching their head. But, supply has dried up, so as long as the demand is there. But again, cheap surplus ammo has dried up as well, so one wonders what is driving the demand (it ain't the fine workmanship of the rifles, which all appear to have been made either on a Monday or Friday when Ivan was either hung over or drinking on the job).

If there ever comes a time again when the country is flooded with these rifles, I'm sure price will once again go down.

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Old November 22nd, 2016, 09:14 AM   #19
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No kidding. I though I overpaid @ $120 each for my hex laminates.

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I've a few of different flavors (Finns and Russian) prices from $50 to $400, this from 5+ years ago.

Price depends on condition, rarity and the local demand. I've not seen any for less than $200 for some time. Ammo price on cans has tripled, making it not as appealing to shooters looking for some recoil.

If looking for anything MN I think you may do better to look around. If a Finn rifle in good condition it's worth $400 IMHO. But we can't be sure w/o seeing it.

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Old November 22nd, 2016, 09:53 AM   #21
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Awards Showcase

I've got a couple of them from a guy named Dennis kroh at Empire Arms, guy is notoriously picky and buys collections, one is the PU sniper that was a Century rebuild, so I put a Timney trigger on that one (Not for the faint of heart). The other one is actually a real sniper that has all the correct markings, but, when it was put thru re-arsenal they removed the optic, cut the mounting screws flush and welded them over which was common, they did a good job of it, and the screws can still be seen from inside the receiver, I had plans of breaking those welds and turning it back into a sniper one day, thought I'd paid a pretty penny then at around $200 for it...

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