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Anyone here with shorter-barreled bolt guns?

This is a discussion on Anyone here with shorter-barreled bolt guns? within the Bolt Action forums, part of the Gun Forum category; Originally Posted by Instructor All rifles are loud w/o a suppressor, but a short barrel will definitely be very loud and a brake will add ...

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Originally Posted by Instructor View Post
All rifles are loud w/o a suppressor, but a short barrel will definitely be very loud and a brake will add to the experience. Suggest sticking with 20."
What he said, and the loss in velocity is a factor with a shorter barrel, too.

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I have a Steyr SSG69 PIV Urban with a sixteen inch (1 in 10) barrel.
It is threaded and has the early style Steyr flash suppressor.

With 168 grain Federal Gold Medal Match ammo it shoots much better than I do.
I can only imagine how it would shoot with handloads

I have had three SSG's with the standard barrel lengths and they all shot like a house a fire.
With factory match ammo they shot great, with handloads they were tack drivers.

I shot the Urban once without the flash suppressor - welding goggles would have helped.

Keep yer powder dry,


Thanks from Lurp
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I use a Remington Model 700 LTR in 308, with GEMTECH can QD mount, Barrel was cut down to 18". I Shoot it a fair amount, and it is accurate enough for me to any range I shoot. I have fired out to 400 Meters, and no issues with hitting game at that range. Really need ot define what you are trying to accomplish, and that should define what you do - super accurate, super light, super short..... Caliber, function and layout will be dictated by what you are trying to achieve.

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I was able to dope my Aero precision M5 (.308) AR with an 18" barrel out to 1000 meters back in October. I was using 175gr Black Hills match ammo. It took me a little while with the 900 and 1000 meter targets but I still hit them a bunch of times.

However, shooting up to 800 meters, I was very consistent in hitting the targets. I have had very good results using an 18" barrel and I wouldn't hesitate to buy another in 308.

Thanks from Snyper762
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I have had several short barreled bolt guns over the years and like them very much. I don't think I would add any sort of muzzle device to them, they are loud enough as they are. Short, stiff barrels have a tendency to be more accurate. My first was a Remington Mohawk 600 .308(which I wish I still had). I have also owned 788 in 7mm08 with an 18" barrel that I won several local hunters bench rest matches with. Remington Model Sevens in 308 & 7/08 . My current short bolt gun is a Remington 660 in 308 that shoots 168 gr. Loads in 3/4" groups at 100 meters.
I shoot IHMSA and see 14" XP100's and Savage strikers which will outshoot a lot of regular length rifles.
Use regular loading techniques and they will do well.

Thanks from schrader
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Old December 22nd, 2016, 05:42 PM   #36
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I have a Ruger Gunsite bolt in 308 with a 18" barrel.

I can out shoot my M1A Scout with it at 100 yards using the exact same loads.

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In my exspierence barrel length has no effect on accuracy with a scoped gun, irons you lose sight radius. At 16 inches you will lose some velocity but if you want a super fast rifle you don't want a 308 anyway. I say go with it and let us know how it works out. I have a Rem 700 mtn rifle in 7 mm-08 I have been wanting to cut down for years. Looking forward to hearing your first hand report!

2 cents worth

Thanks from loader21
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