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Double cannelure bullets.

This is a discussion on Double cannelure bullets. within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; A while back I got some bags of various pulled bullets from a friend who was leaving to go to Japan. They are all .308 ...

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Double cannelure bullets.

A while back I got some bags of various pulled bullets from a friend who was leaving to go to Japan. They are all .308 and mixed. About 105 that I sorted are slightly longer than M80 ball, and have a double cannelure with the marks angled. I weighed a few and they average about 152 gr or so. I have no Idea what they are. Any ideas?

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No idea, that's a new one to think about.

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I have some that are steel core with that double cannelure you speak of...they are not black tip either!

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I'm going with AP--got a bunch from different places over the years--all were tumbled removing the black paint on the tip. Hold one with needle nose pliers,heat with a torch(or gas burner on stove) til lead seal at base melts, then put bullet on hard surface and hit with hammer. The copper jacket will split open exposing the steel penetrater. It alot easier than using a dremel tool.

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Doesen't the double knurl just mean different seating depth, depending on the cartridge you are using the tips to reload? for proper length for 7.62 nato and one for .30-06.

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Old June 9th, 2011, 01:42 PM   #6
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U.S. bullets with double cannelure mean 'not Ball' i.e. Tracer or AP. Foreign bullets with DC can mean anything. Try a magnet before using heat, compare the magnetic pull with known bullets. Or just send them to me...grin.

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If I were to load these, which cannelure would I load them for .308 and .30-06?

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They are for loading in either 30-06 or have to check for overall length of the rounds as to which application is for which round.
Certain MG like the 1919A4 are rather critical about overall lengths so that they feed right


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How big is the steel core?

Didn't M59 ammo have mild steel as part of the core?

If I remember correctly there was some lead in the nose, then the steel, then more lead behind the steel.

It was considered ball ammo, not AP.

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Old June 10th, 2011, 01:05 AM   #10
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M59 Ball was an attempt to develop a Ball cartridge that used a minimum of lead, lead being a scarce commodity in time of war. When they decided lead would not be a current problem the M80 bullet was developed, keeping the M59 as an alternative should the need ever arise. There is an orange color tracer bullet with a double cannelure that was developed for loading in either .30 cal or 7.62. The double cannelure 7.62 AP bullet was designed for 7.62 and was not intended for .30 cal. The 7.62 AP bullet seats in the case on the lower cannelure with the upper cannelure exposed. .30 cal AP has a single solid cannelure. 7.62 AP is not as effective as .30 cal AP.

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The magnet may not tell you the truth. There is lots of M80 Ball with steel jackets and lead core.

- Ivan.

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you need to take a projo and cut it open with side cutters or something like that. If its lead core you should cut through it. If its steel then you can not cut through it.

I have some AP rounds that are double cannelured

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As luck would have it, I just cut open one of these. While the jacket and lead would easily cut , the steel showed no signs of any cutting marks.....( hacksaw , length wise, and a vice )Yes, they are AP , mine was a copper jacketed, ( with the angled double cannalure marks ) smallish piece of lead at the base ,with a very pointed piece of hardened steel in the front 3/5s + of the bullets core. They also weighed 152gr. If memory serves me right, they are 7.62x51 AP bullets, and while good..... the .30-06 165gr ones are "better"

Thanks from Swamp Rat
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I used to work security at MCAS Miramar a few years ago and we also had to do runs out to the old Camp Elliot area. The AP cores could be found all over the place in and behind the berm of the old rifle range there and even though they were rusted and decades old I could drive these through cement with a hammer. Those are some tough penetrators.

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