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This is a discussion on Tula 308 ammo within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Any one shoot a lot of this ammo through thier M1a? Thinking about getting 500 rnds for range plinking to save my more expensive brass ...

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Old May 8th, 2011, 09:09 PM   #1
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Tula 308 ammo

Any one shoot a lot of this ammo through thier M1a?
Thinking about getting 500 rnds for range plinking to save my more expensive brass cased stuff.
Help would be greatly appreciated.


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The 150gr. FMJ shoots fine. I bought up a bunch of it from Cheaper Than Dirt the last time it was on sale.

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Old May 9th, 2011, 05:47 AM   #3
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Dont do it!

Well... Ive never tried the 308....

I frequent Cheaper Than Dirt (only the best store ever) and Ive bought lots of Tula Ammo. But not anymore - here's what I found out

I currently have approximately 700 rounds of .223 left over from a batch of 1000.

Of the 300 Ive shot here's what has happened. My brothers BRAND NEW MINI 14, the round stuck in the chamber on the 3 shot. A lot of tough love got the round free and we continued shooting. On the approximate 10th shot the casing stuck in the chamber and we could NOT get the bolt open at the range. It took a zero-impact hammer to get the bolt back when we got to the house. His first range day with his new rifle - ruined in less than 15 shots.

Same day on approximately round 52-53 (I shot a full 20 and 30 round mag through my AR15) I had one stick in the chamber. But the bolt was able to cycle. It had broken the lip of the round at the bottom. Now my range day was ruined. It took a bore rod and a hammer to get it out. That was the 2nd experience I had with the exact ammo and the exact issue.

If you buy Tula ammo - keep a rod and hammer handy. Maybe I got a bad batch? I dunno. I have mixed boxes here, some are in a white box others are in the black box with TULA written on it. Unfortunately most of it was already loaded into my 5 magazines.

If I find WOLF, I'd buy 100 and give it a shot. TULA is done in my book.

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Old May 9th, 2011, 10:47 AM   #4
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I haven't tried the .308 yet (I have a couple hundred ready to go) but I have put several hundred .223 through my AR and Mini-14 in 3-gun settings and it's all worked fine.

Actually the .308 I have is the tan box "herter's" from Cabelas... I think it's wolf/Tula of course. The .223 was in white boxes with black targets on it, Tulammo.

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I use the steel cased stuff in my Ar pistol. No issues.
No steel is used in my M1A

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Old May 17th, 2011, 01:29 PM   #6
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Have used the Tula steel-cased ammo in my M1 Carbine and AR-15. Have had no problems with it. I recently bought 100 rds. for my new SAI M1A. Out of 8 attempts, only 3 rounds fired. The primers showed shallow indentions on the ones that did not fire. Have had no problems shooting 3 other brands of commercial ammo and DAG. I have made no measurements, but I believe the Tula ammo is slightly longer than it should be to function correctly in my gun. I don't feel that it allows the bolt to go fully forward, therefore some of the hammer impact goes to fully close the bolt and doesn't leave enough inertia to strike the primer properly.

My next range trip I am going to "smack" the bolt before firing each time and see if it works better. At least that will confirm my theory about length.


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I have used the Wolf flavor of the Tula .223 in my AR-15 and had the first fired case stick in the chamber....the extractor just slipped over the rim leaving the fired case stuck in the chamber while the action cycled as normal. Tapped the empty case out with my cleaning rod. I have 3 spare bolts for the AR in my tool box, so I changed out the tight bolt with spare bolt number 1.

The gun function flawlessly with the different bolt from that point on. I bought 10,000 rds of the Wolf (10 cases)...same lot number and have been using it ever since, no problem.

Conclusion....if your gas gun has minimum headspace with steel cased ammo, you might get a stuck empty left in the chamber like the gentleman with the Mini-14 above. If you have a few spare bolts to swap, you will probably find one that will work in your rifle.

If you don't have spare bolts to play with, I would buy 1 box and try it before buying an entire 1000 rd case. Once you get it to run, the ammo is good to go...stock up.

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