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This is a discussion on Best Loads for Across the Course within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; What are your best loads for XTC with the M14/M1A. With the newer bullets is it the 168 Sierra? 155s? 175s? What do you use ...

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Best Loads for Across the Course

What are your best loads for XTC with the M14/M1A. With the newer bullets is it the 168 Sierra? 155s? 175s? What do you use and why? What barrel are you using, make and twist rate?dan ce2

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When I was shooting Service rifle with a M14 I used 168gr Sierra Matchkings over 39.5gr of IMR 3031.

When I shot the M14 at 1000 yards I used the Sierra OLD STYLE LONG BOAT TAIL 180gr bullet over the same powder charge. Both seated to fit in the magazine.

The new Sierra 180's are not a 1000 yard bullet in the 308.
Now the 175gr Sierra is the better choice.

Toward the end, I shot 185gr Berger VLD's, over Varget, long loaded, at 1000.
I used the same load for my Bolt Rifle at 1000.

The 155 Sierra Palma bullet is not a good choice for long range in the M14.

Remember, Palma shooters use that bullet because they cannot use a bullet heavier than 155 grains...
So they load it HOT, and use 30 to 32" barrels...

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Powders such as 4895, 4064, Varget, Reloader 15, and some "Sveedish Vito" powders are good choices, maybe better than IMR 3031, but 3031 shot so good for me I never saw any reason to change.

I used it for my hunting loads as well in the 308.
I could have got higher velocities with some other powders...

But why???
IMR 3031 was very accurate, I killed antelope at 550 yards to deer at 25 yards.

If I bought a 308 that did not shoot that load good I would have sold it. To this day, it is still my 308 load of choice.

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135 smk - 43.5 4895 @ 200yards - Less recoil!!!

168 smk - 42.5 N140 @ 300yards

175 SMK - 42.2 4064 @ 600yards

Both of my 10twist supermatches have shot great scores with these loads. I don't do any 100yard group testing off the bench. And I don't have any krono data on these loads. My load developement is entirely based on scores... when the line is hot and the clock is running.

I use LC or any milspec brass.

The brand of primers don't seem to matter at all.

Keep in mind these are my loads for my rifles. You need to work up your own loads. Start low and work up!!!!!

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The 168grain Federal Gold Medal Match is an excellent OTC cartridge.
Powders such as IMR4895 and H4895 work well.
A MV of about 2550-2600fps will be fine out to 600 yards.

Using the 175SMK bullet at 600 does give a little advantage because of less wind drift, but it is not an advantage at shorter distances or in rapidfire stages.

Jay Kosta
Endwell NY USA

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I shoot the 125gr Speer TNT up close and either a 155 or 175 (depending on what I have on the shelf) the rest of the way. IMR489. I use IMR4064 for the 175.

The 168 always shoots well, but the 155 and 175 hold up better against the wind.

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