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This is a discussion on 308 blanks... within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Is the brass on .308 blanks reloadable? If I buy .308 blanks can I shoot them, cut the neck down to proper length and reload ...

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308 blanks...

Is the brass on .308 blanks reloadable? If I buy .308 blanks can I shoot them, cut the neck down to proper length and reload them like any other brass or is the brass used in blanks not as thick as real ammo?


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no sir. most blanks are made of sub standard or reject brass that isn't up to the chamber preassure of a full round.

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Absolutely not, don't EVEN think about it. M82 (blank) brass is hard, not annealed, so that it will extract easily. It is also thick, non concentric (Thicker on one side), and way yonder too much trouble to deal with. I know from personal experience. Several people asked me to get them some, but when I found out they were trying to load it as ball, I stopped. I saw one Ruger 77 after it was blown up by this foolishness. The shooter was very lucky to survive. Please don't do it?!

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Reload blanks=NOT!

Yup. Don't even fiddle with the idea.

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As an experiment, I did as you proposed, but loaded it with 7gr of Bullseye and a 165 plain based cast lead bullet. Very mild load, velocity in the 1000-1100fps range. Hell, sometimes you can actually see a silver streak to the target. No case problems and am on the 4th reload on these cases. Hardest part is getting the case mouth square. Definitely would not recomend these for anything other than these very mild cast lead loads.

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blank 308 brass

US military 308 blank brass is not the same quality as brass for live ammo. You can cut it way down and use it for other caliber blanks with the same base size such as 45 acp blanks and 7.92x33 Kurz but never for full power 308 ammo. The neck area would have to be reamed as it is thicker. Too much work and simply not safe. Don't do it.

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Not our forum, but, interesting test.

Not saying do it or don't do it.

This guy did a test, you make up your mind.



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I think I see a sequel in the making to the movie "Face Off".

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C'mon guys. This is the M14 Forum. It's not .308 or 308W. It's 7.62MM NATO Blank M82.

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only thing I have ever attempted with M82 blanks is to cut a few down for making rounds for a .44 AUTO MAG, which worked quite well, but it IS a lot of work...of course, it would be a lot of work using regular 7.62 or 30-06 brass as well ...

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