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This is a discussion on 68 POF MK 4Z within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I wouldn't drink the water in Pakistan, and I won't shoot this in my M1. I was going through some ammo cans and found two ...

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68 POF MK 4Z

I wouldn't drink the water in Pakistan, and I won't shoot this in my M1.
I was going through some ammo cans and found two boxes of ".30 inch MK 4Z in 2 clips" marked POF dated 31DEC68. I don't remember where I got it but I thought it would be interesting to share. Also here's a pretty comprehensive write-up that makes it sound like it's not so bad - but I still won't use it.

It looks like the owner of Widener's had his own independent testing done today on this specific lot;

POF Surplus 30-06 150gr FMJ M2 Ammunition
This is a brass-cased, berdan-primed, noncorrosive, copper-jacketed lead core bullet. It was manufactured in the 60's. There is no steel in this ammunition. Each box contains 2 8-round Garand clips, for a total of 16 rounds.
1-15-2015: Cloudy and cool (38 degrees) this morning as I drove to our range. We just received a shipment of POF 30-06 ammo for the M1 Garand. (I've called the rifle the "Guh-Rand" all my life, but apparently the correct pronunciation is "Gair and" - Hard G, with the stress on the first syllable so that it rhymes with parent, except with a “d” on the end. Or so some say.)
Anyway, I opened the ammo, which is sealed in a 960-round "spam can" that weighs 84 pounds. We can't ship the sealed container by UPS or FEDEX as it is overweight for ammo shipments. As I opened the can, I saw the ammo packed in Garand clips (8) with two loaded clips per box. At first glance, it looked, well, OK, I guess. The brass was a little dull, but absolutely no corrosive on the ammo or rust on the clip. The brass had the traditional military anneal mark on the neck. After removing the ammo, I noticed the headstamp as POF (Pakistan Ordnance Factories) 65, which means it was made in 1965. The primer looked well placed and very uniform from round to round with proper seating depth. It was crimped with a ring crimp that was perfectly centered around the primer and lacquer sealed. (All good first signs.) The primers are supposed to be non-corrosive, but I couldn't tell by looking. I pulled a couple of bullets and found that the bullets are true M2-type bullets that weighed 150.1 and 150.3 grains, and the bullets were tar sealed in the mouth. The bullets were copper jacketed, with lead cores and NO STEEL (more good signs).
POWDER: The powder appeared to be IMR 4895 TYPE "stick" powder and weighed 50.2 and 50.3 grains. I don't know what the powder is of course, but it looks similar to 4895. The powder smelled "fresh," just like the 4895 does; it did not have a camphor smell like some European powder, but rather an acetone type and appeared to not be degraded at all.
CLIPS. The Garand clips all appeared new and parkerized, and the clip stamps were BR-W4, BR-W5,BR-W6, SI 1, SA. (There are clip collectors out there who know what this means, but it appears they got clips from different sources.) The clips were reloaded, and I will use them many more times. They appear to be well made milspec, and they surely do "ping" when you drop them.
CASES were all brass with no corrosion inside or out and they all were in spec when measured with a case micrometer.
TO THE RANGE: I took 8 clips (64 rounds) for a fast range test. I took one of our old test rifles. It is a beater, for sure, but it works. I mean that it is a typical well-shot Garand that was rebarreled in 1966. The en bloc clip fit pertectly, and all eight fired and ejected brass and clip without a problem. The velocity was milspec, and all rounds fired and functioned in the rifle perfectly. Accuracy was good. Now, it wasn't Sierra MatchKing custom loaded accurate, but with old iron sights and my old eyes, I found it very acceptable. Examination of all of the fired brass found no split necks, no stretched cases, no separations and no signs of overpressure. It is a shame the brass is berdan primed. I did not clean the "beater," and I will monitor it for rust like corrosive ammo causes. As I said, it was supposed to be noncorrosive, but I will post later if rust develops and indicates corrosive ammo.
Conclusion: I will shoot this ammo again and in my Garand that is in better shape. Garands were used until about 1966, and I bet this ammo was produced on some type of government contract. It appears to be well made with the features described above.
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Interesting packaging. I've never seen it stored like that. Thanks for posting.

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Does it smell like curry ? lol

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