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The 10 Golden Rules of Ammo:

This is a discussion on The 10 Golden Rules of Ammo: within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; The 10 Golden Rules of Ammo : 1) You can never have too much ammunition on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good ...

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Post The 10 Golden Rules of Ammo:

The 10 Golden Rules of Ammo:

1) You can never have too much ammunition on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good minimum to start with (fubar).
2) Supplies of good surplus run out before you know it, and usually when you're running low on ammunition, so buy plenty while its available.
3) When in doubt about how much ammunition you should buy, refer to rule #1.
4) Ammunition is meant to be shot, so shoot often.
5) Because of rule #4, ammunition must be replenished often as well.
6) When replenishing supply of ammunition, refer to rules #1 through #3.
7) You must buy at least twice as much ammunition as you shoot (fubar).
8: Always store ammunition in a cool dry place (TEA). Or the only time you have too much ammunition is when your house is on fire (Slick).
9) If you don't have room in your house to store ammunition per rule #8, build a bunker or a cellar in your back yard for storing ammunition (TEA).
10) Friends don't let friends buy Indian surplus ammunition (TEA). Or Never buy surplus ammunition from a country where you wouldn't drink the water (midrat).

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Thanks from ray55classic
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I should write that in the back of my Bibles.

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I like rule #10.

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I was wondering when you'd get around to"too much ammo with your house on fire"!

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A proposal for Rule #11 ????

*** Empty cases, primers, bullets and powder are USELESS unless assembled into shootable ammunition. ***

When the starving hordes and zombies are coming down your street, is not the time to be pulling on the handle of your reloading press.

Load everything up now while you still have the time.

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While I generally agree with #10 , I've been to Italy , stationed in Sicily actually. First place I saw everyone carrying the now familiar plastic water bottle (30yrs ago). The tap water is undrinkable and I smelled just as bad after a shower.

But I love Fiocchi ammo!

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Good habits to get into.

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I love my Indian ammo. Running low, but it is stuff from the good years, so rule 10 has a lot of exceptions.

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Just bought my first 8# of powder...I plan to start loadin' up!!!

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It's a vicious cycle:D

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Lol I go through so many rounds in a m,onth it's crazy

Interesting list, for me when it comes to ammo my rule is buy bulk ammo, or don't buy ammo. It gets so expensive if you're buying small quantities. At least for me anyways because I go through a good 1000rounds+ per month.

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Originally Posted by XXIV Corps View Post
1) You can never have too much ammunition on hand. 1k rounds per battle rifle is a good minimum to start with (fubar).
You can if you have to man-pack it.

There is an amusing story from my Dad about a excersise they did in the Philippines back in the early 1960s, 1961 or '62. One company of the BLT was tasked to seize occupy and defend Hill 150 (the significance of the Hill becomes evident when you hear the rest of the story). But, in any case, the company commander decided that the company was going to march out to the objective with a basic allowance of ammunition, in addition to the standard field pack, radios, and other necessary junk for independent operations of a few days.

Each MG had four ammo cans worth of ammo.... The mortar ammunition was around 200 rounds, plus the mortars themselves... and each rifleman was carrying three bandoleers in addition to a full 80 cartridge belt (this was before the M14 was introduced), and the BAR guys required 500 rounds each, for a whopping total 13,500 rounds of BAR ammunition (boxed .30-06). All to be carried by 175 guys (TO&E strength, the actual number was less).

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Spot on rules.

You can never have tooo much ammo.

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