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Reloading the 308/7,62nato for the m1a/m14

This is a discussion on Reloading the 308/7,62nato for the m1a/m14 within the Ammunition forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; I would like to start somewhere on reloading for my M14. I can't find the load specs for the 30cal 145gr, 147gr, 150gr and the ...

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Reloading the 308/7,62nato for the m1a/m14

I would like to start somewhere on reloading for my M14. I can't find the load specs for the 30cal 145gr, 147gr, 150gr and the 175gr FMJBT bullets any where???

I'm using the IMR 4895 in all my military semi auto's with the CCI #34 NATO Primers too.

145gr....FMJBT......#34 nato primer.....IMR 4895 powder...____grains?.............................

147gr....FMJBT......#34 nato primer.....IMR 4895 powder...____grains?.............................

150gr....FMJBT......#34 nato primer.....IMR 4895 powder...____grains?.............................

175gr....FMJBT......#34 nato primer.....IMR 4895 powder...____grains?.............................

Or is there a book that covers the military loads that i can get??? Thanks, Bill

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The Hornady manual has some specific data for the M1a rifle, it is data for their bullets, but using that data you can work up loads for your bullets (starting low and working up.)

Thanks from stlm14
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What brass are you using? what brand of case?

The NRA shows 42.0 grains of IMR-4895 for 146 - 150 grain bullets in LC military cases.

The NRA shows 39.0 grains of IMR-4895 for the 174 grain M118 bullet in LC military cases.

Hodgdon #25 has H4895 service rifle data and shows an additional one grain for Winchester commercial cases over LC military cases. It has 43.0 grains of H4895 with a 150 grain BT bullet in commercial Win cases and 40.0 grains of H4895 with the 174 grain M118 bullet in commercial Win cases.

Usually I find that IMR-4895 can go about a half grain more than H4895 but not a large difference.

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Thanks for the help. I want to reload the 175gr FMJBT rounds for my norinco m14 and for my swiss k31 too. I figure both are a longer range rifle. Using the 30-06 30cal 150gr FMJBT bullets in the 308win/7,62nato case i need to push the longer bullet into the case much deeper as i figure it will be the same in using the 175gr FMJBT bullet also. I wonder how much higher the pressure will be with the #34 nato primer since its hotter too. I'm think about starting off with the lower powder charge until i see how much pressure is put on the primer face when its fired. Bill

I have the 308win brass but i'll pick up the once fired lake city brass for the m14.

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Awards Showcase

I can email you some NRA data if you like, it's in a PDF file

Thanks from dozier and SGV
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My comment is I use C-34's and imr-4895 myself, but I only shoot 168 sierra's.

I can say that the c-34 is a MAGNUM primer and most load books don't seem to take this into account. I have found that in my M1A's, it takes about 2 grns less powder to achieve the correct velocity with Federal gold medal brass. Winchester takes about 1 grn less.

You will have to work up your loads, but basically do it over a chronograph and think it through. The C-34 bumps your pressure a bit more than I think most folks anticipate.

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Panther308 - Please email that to me as well. Thanks

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New contract with ATK back a few years marked FC-08 on brass called for a 175gr bullet 210M primer, 41.7 of IMR 4064.....As with all reloads workup chambers do vary from rifle to rifle..........

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Originally Posted by SAPPNASTY View Post
Panther308 - Please email that to me as well. Thanks
Me too! Me too! I'm all about more load data...

My e-mail is Thanks!

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I stay with the IMR 4895 gun powder because its the correct burn rate for all the surplus military semi auto rifles too. Using the wrong burn rate gun powder in the semi auto's can screw with the cycle timing. I'm probably going to load the 175gr FMJBT sniper bullets right now to see how accurate my m14 can be. I'll bring some of my quality match grade 145gr FMJBT ammo too. I have a lot of sighting in and benchresting to catch up on soon. I'm starting to really like the m14. Bill

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NJ Reloading Stuph. Google it and the info is spot on. I mean their reference loads are all so close to the ones I actually use. Excellent resource for service rifles. I use IMR-4895 and CCI 34 primers for all my 30.06 and .308 Win/7.62 NATO loads.

Start under the charge and work up. A chronograph adss confidence and safety as we know how fast these projectiles shoot from certain platforms. Within a fairly narrow range actually. Keeps you from over-pressures as often the MV will go down. Often the groups are good/great, but signs on the cases and from the report of the rifle will tell you it is too much.

Be safe and cautious. Some of the older NRA data used powders that in comparison to todays powders are not exactly the same. My charges are 1-2 grs lighter than the NRA data. Especially with the 147 M80 ball and 152 M2 ball clone loads. I have chrono data and 20 M1s to prove it.

Thanks from Bamban and dozier
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Hello all - I am new to reloading. I have only reloaded for 243 bolt rifle. Everything has worked fine but the more I read the more I'm finding how critical everything is to this endeavor.

My son and I have just started shooting in NRA Matches nothing serious yet but he is very interested in competing. We are reloading for M1A and M1 Garand. I don't want to hurt him, me, or anyone else on the firing line. Before I found out how critical everything is as it relates to reloading I bought the below projectiles. Need the proper grains of powder for the below.

Need help with the following Ammo:

.30 150 gr BTSP Interlock (Hornady)
.30 150 gr Spitzer Boat Tail 2125 (Sierra)
.30 165 gr Spitzer Accubond (Nosler)
.30 168 gr HPBT Match 2200 (Sierra)

I am using H4895 powder
CCI #34 primers (although I have 1000 - 9 1/2 Large Rem primers I need to use)
Brass - once fired Federal (Match)
I do have some LC Brass but as I read more I am understanding the issues with the primers and getting the crimp out. I am not going to tackle that brass just yet.

Any response would be appreciated,

Thanks for your time gentleman.

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A "general comment" that relates to the topic on this thread:
In my own's best to get access to or even consider buying a chronograph as the muzzle velocities (MV's) for the same length barrel, etc are a decent indirect correlation with indicator of chamber pressures.
Chronographs have become relatively inexpensive and there are some things the data you can get from them let you realize that there is just no other comparable way to do short of owning your own 150,000ish dollar full factory pressure barrel setup.
For example, (for some fictional cartridge) if a given projectile...say 150 grains...shows a muzzle velocity of ...say 2,800 fps....for an entirely made-up fictional powder charge of 46 grains.....and your rifle is showing the desired 2,800 FPS MV with 44.8 grains with the exact same gunpowder... STOP RIGHT THERE! your chamber pressures are very probably right at where the factory found 2,800 fps with whatever lot of gunpowder and primer and cartridge case they were using in the testing.
If your rifle has a different barrel length it can then become necessary to find data somehow for that barrel length to be able to use think kind of "comparison to factory tested data" as barrel length can and often does relate directly to MV differences even given identical ammunition.

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42 grains

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