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How Many SAC Members Are Out There

This is a discussion on How Many SAC Members Are Out There within the Air Force forums, part of the Armed Services category; Lincoln AFB 22nd A&E, '62-'65 March AFB 307th A&E, '65-'68 Utapao Thailand, 4258th A&E, '68-'69 Blytheville AFB, '69-'70 All in Defensive Fire Control in ...

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Lincoln AFB 22nd A&E, '62-'65
March AFB 307th A&E, '65-'68
Utapao Thailand, 4258th A&E, '68-'69
Blytheville AFB, '69-'70

All in Defensive Fire Control in guns, not water.

Was out for 19 years, then went into AF Reserves, did another 15 years.

Happy retiree but I miss it from time to time.


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Old Salt
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Air Force SAC Brat. Father was NCOIC JAG. Columbus AFB, MS 1958-64. Ramey AFB, PR 64-67. Ellsworth AFB, SD 67-68. Retired as MSGT/E-8.
Brother was navigator on KC-135s from late '70s until the '90s when he more or less had to find another job since they phased out navs for GPS. Retired after 30+ as COL/O-6. Did tours in AK, NC, CA, twice in the UK, TX, AL and NE. Have to find out just where he was stationed and when.
Me, I went Army.

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1985-1986 March AFB, 22nd SPS (L.E.).

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As a brat: Patrick AFB, Eglin AFB, Clark AFB, Don Muang (Bangkok)

Active Duty: Missile Systems Analyst, 90th OMMS, FE Warren

Quote from my first day on the job: "Well these Minutemen never get used so they shouldn't break, right? This job will be cake."

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F.E.Warren 85-87, Barksdale 87-90 and then Air Guard at McGhee Tyson the last Tanker Base to come off of Alert.

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Anybody spend any time at Griffis AFB in Rome ,NY?

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I know this thread is old like me, but...Dyess AFB, 96th Bomb Wing, got out in '78 D Models and 135s, Fuel System Repair/ Tank Rat... SAC RULES! Always has, always will!

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Originally Posted by m1a shooter View Post
Not really. SAC was SAC, a truely different world in the USAF.
started in SAC at Beale AFB California 21 APR 86...

sometime in 89 or 90, all the Audio-Visual AFSCs (graphics, photography, video and library) were transferred to Aerospace Audio Visual Services (AAVS) in MAC...

then the BIG screwing came. SAC was disbanded, MAC became AMC, TAC and some of SAC assets were made into ACC...

the Air Force went to seed and i went to Altus AFB oklahoma...

Merrill changed the uniforms on a weekly basis, all but a handful of photographers were bounced from AAVS to the base level Comm Squadrons. the politics (1992-1993) ruined the Air Force and i made my departure...

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B-52 aircrew, 1977-81
B-1B initial cadre, 1986-90
Bldg 500 operational tester, 1983-86, 1990-96
USSTRATCOM scientific analyst, 1996-1999

non-volunteered to the SAC/TAC transition team ... still waiting for ACC to figure it out (includes their own systems) ... still wondering why AF Global Strike Command is needed. If the Langley mafia ever learning anything, it was because the Offutt people held them down and hammered nails into their thick skulls.

Your modern Air Force: where the leaders worry more about unauthorized flights with warheads (August 2007, Minot to Barksdale) than they do about troops killed in action (Khobar Towers, June 1996 ... commander still suing to get his second star).

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Carswell, Dyess, Barksdale, HQ 8th AF. Later I found myself in the everyday AF and wondered into which hole the excitement and Esprit-de-Corps had vanished? I missed the feeling that were were still fighting the last air battle/campaign of WWII/Cold War. A well trained and prepared military without a mission and adequate leadership leads to...... well look around the world today. "Mors ab Alto". Long live the BUFF. Nuff said.

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oops.....wrong thread

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Castle AFB 1976-1980.Just didn't stay long enough.

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22 years in SAC, first at Whiteman AFB, flying KC-97E,F, and G models. From there to McCoy AFB (now Orlando International Airport), flying KC-135A and Q models. Fearing a northern assignment, was lucky to get Ellsworth AFB. Retired in 1977. By the way, I was a boom operator, and was involved in Operation Linebacker II, scary stuff.

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Old November 21st, 2015, 10:06 PM   #74
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Amazing how many AFB's there used to be. All those bombers and tankers, tankers and bombers all day long coming and going. Thanks be to God, Boeing, and SAC for keeping us safe all those years.

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Wurtsmith 85-93 Closed the base
K.I Sawyer 93-94

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