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How Many SAC Members Are Out There

This is a discussion on How Many SAC Members Are Out There within the Air Force forums, part of the Armed Services category; My dad was a member of SAC and TAC. If anybody knew a L'Heureux, that was him. Lots of nice golf courses from what I ...

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My dad was a member of SAC and TAC. If anybody knew a L'Heureux, that was him. Lots of nice golf courses from what I can tell... haha.....

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Both SAC and TAC. Did time at Carswell AFB, the Mighty Eigth Air Force, and time at Elemendorf in SAC.

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Originally Posted by 135boomer View Post
Ahh, the good old days. The most I ever saw was about 110 degrees. There were some, who shall remain nameless, who tried like heck to get me to go all the way.

I watched a BUFF bank like that at 300'....June 24, 1994, Fairchild AFB.

I was SACumcized Wurtsmith AFB, MI 90-92

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Sacumsized, here!!!

307th ARS, Linclon AFB , 818th Air Div 1958; cp Kc-97
307th ARS, Selfridge AFB A/C on a KC1960; 3 month TDY's to Lajes, Harmon; reflex to Ft. Churchill,and other "cool spots" with -60 wind chills and face masks. During the Cuban mess we were at Defcon 2 and had the klaxon go for launch- shovel through the phone cable. Only the laundry know how tight that was--
1965 916thARS / 5the BW Travis A/C on 135A's

1966-1992 Pan Am. I was just getting the hang of it----

Laus Deo

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KC135's out of Beale CA and Kadena AB Okinawa, with a few stop overs in Thailand, Taipei, and Angeles City for Typhoon evac's. Still remember prowling BC and Gate 2 streets. Those were the days and SAC still holds a special place in my heart.

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Welcome guys to the group and I stand in awe from your service in the early days of The Strategic Air Command.

To error is human, to forgive was not SAC Policy!

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I was in SAC from 1984 to 1989 @ KI Sawyer - KC-135 Nav, IN, Wign Staff

135Boom, have not seen that view of a B-52 in a long time - I was at Castle upgrading. We took it to the limit as the horizion was completely inverted - in the process the B-52 came off the boom, then went right back into contact and did not skip a beat. Others do not beleive me when I tell them how far we really could go!

I remember PRP from the staff days, I was part of the "A" team programing B-52 Weapons for Alert.


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Grand Forks 74-76

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SAC KC-135 Crew Chief, Grissom AFB, 85-93

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I did ROTC camp at Pease AFB
I pass by there a lot. It's now a KC137 ANG unit.

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Seymour Johnson 78-80 (TAC base but had big SAC mission) and Griffiss 80-82. Overseas, ATC and ACC after that

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I was never in the USAF, but I am a SAC history buff.

I was up in Northern maine a few weeks ago. Took a side trip into Loring AFB. Quite a base, and a lot of it is still there. When I was standing near the Tower, I was thinking of the start of the movie, "12 O clock High". A lot of history up there. Too bad all that taxpayers money is going to waste. I will post a photo if I can figure out how to do it.

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Davis-Monthan 1969. Sad sight seeing B-58 Hustlers coming in for retirement. Great view of U-2s taking off and appearing to go strait up until out of site.

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airframe repair specialist (sheet metal) Seymour Johnson 68 air refueling group 83-85, Barksdale AFB 2d Bomb Wing 85-91

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