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This is a discussion on AirForceTimes - Trump & Clinton "Total Losers" within the Air Force forums, part of the Armed Services category; Originally Posted by NGROVCAM not necessarily so much FOR Mr. Trump, but are adamantly anti-Secretary Clinton. Same reflects here with everyone I know in the ...

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Old July 29th, 2016, 11:29 AM   #16
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Originally Posted by NGROVCAM View Post
not necessarily so much FOR
Mr. Trump, but are adamantly
anti-Secretary Clinton.
Same reflects here with everyone I know in the Air Force. The only Hilary supporter I know (and he isn't really a supporter, he just supported Sanders and hates Trump) is a Marine...

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The part that scares me is that there are people out there who will vote for the Wicked Witch just because she is a women and because they are Demacrats (true spelling cleaned up due to family nature of this forum-read true intent). To say that this is a scary time is a big understatement. I fear that it is going to really bad.

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Bernie is nothing more than a aging Hippie Communist. Trying to repackage Karl Marx to the younger crowd.

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Readers of the Stars and Stripes can see a lot of bias in favor of Hillary especially in the political cartoons and editorials.

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I really think Putin is trying to pump Trump just a bit to kind of stay on his "good side" should he get elected.

Putin already knows that he could snatch Alaska, . . . invade Florida, . . . and send troops ashore in Mass, . . . and the witch would never care.

She'd be too busy with Obama in one of the 57 states, . . . making new "policy".

May God bless,

Thanks from Douglas Haig and Stevie Ray
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Originally Posted by danthman114 View Post
Same as the Marines here. NOBODY wants that evil woman here.
Also the consensus at a coast guard small boat station in NY.

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Most people I know who support trump aren't so much as enamored with him, as they see him as the only alternative to Hillary Clinton. In their most optimistic, they are hopeful that when it comes to actually doing the job, he'll turn down the obnoxious to 10, and get pragmatic.

A lot of the people who support Hillary feel the same way, in the other direction, though I've spoken to some who assume that if anybody doesn't like Hillary, because of Hillary, it must be because they're sexist, and afraid of having a 'strong woman' in office. If they support Trump, they must be racist, or sexist, or an ignorant religious redneck with an irrational sexual fetish for tools of mass murder.

I had a conversation with one such person. She's actually a nice lady, but I mentioned that Hillary had her own items to take issue with, particularly her role in the Obama administration, and how the terrorism we're seeing manifest now is largely a result of extremist groups coming to power amid the power vacuums that might have been started during GW Bushes tenure, but were exploded to magnificently catastrophic levels during the 'Arab Spring', as the CIA, as per executive direction, encouraged and actively supported the overthrow of vulnerable governments that didn't do as we liked, and then we have situations such as in Syria and Libya.

She asked, "What's happening in Syria and Libya?"

I did my best to explain, including the other players, like Russia, Ukraine, Turkey, NATO military maneuvering and broken promises, the EU members, other middle eastern countries, how convoluted it is, with countries operating for their own agendas, and parties within countries, as well as across countries, doing what works best for them, all with either conflicting or aligning interests, sometimes a mix.

And all of this is a bunch of maneuvering for power and resources that have nothing to do with what is right.

She said, "I had no idea this was so complicated."

Of course she wouldn't, if she only digests the information 'as presented.' It seems that most people these days don't have the attention span to put it together into a big picture, and big pictures don't sell well, because they require the attention span that our culture is diminishing. Some people can't even watch a movie with multiple related story lines without becoming physically uncomfortable.

A lot of people are forming opinions, both on issues, as well as supporters of the 'other side', without any coherent information. News is no longer news. At the best, it is highly editorialized information. On the whole, it has become entertainment akin to a spectator sport, or a game show, except that some people enrich while others pay, and some die by the results. The likely grand prize is disaster, though the reach of that, I guess we'll see.

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Originally Posted by NATOBTHP View Post
Bernie is nothing more than a aging Hippie Communist. Trying to repackage Karl Marx to the younger crowd.
You are so right.

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Awards Showcase

Trump said that his five years at the New York Military Academy provided him with "more training militarily than a lot of the guys that go into the military." Between that and multiple draft deferments, the thought of Trump being Commander in Chief is disgusting. Should he win, the military's only chance is if he picks a good national security team and actually listens to them.

Hillary's record speaks for itself, vis a vis Benghazi and total disregard for classified information.

The Military Times got the front page right this time.

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