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This is a discussion on M1A and copper removal within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; How frequently should I do a thorough copper cleaning? I have about 600 rounds through my rifle since brand new. Have not done a full ...

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M1A and copper removal

How frequently should I do a thorough copper cleaning?

I have about 600 rounds through my rifle since brand new. Have not done a full copper clean out yet. Normal cleaning for me is three passes with a bore snake and Hoppe's #9. I do note that the bore snake has a bluish tint at this point from using the #9 only. I have a bottle of Hoppe's copper solvent (ammonia based it seems).

Thanks for any guidance on this.


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Regular Hoppes does a good job of copper cleaning given time, a week or so with a new wet patch every day. I do this between weekly range sessions. Some don't believe in barrel cleaning at all, but I clean my guns after each shoot and try to get as much copper out as possible without resorting to ammonia products unless the 9 just wont cut it and that happens with some barrels. To each his own but I like clean guns.

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I bought one of those Otis ripcords, it has threaded ends, it like a bore snake and a cleaning rod in one. I also use hoppes 9.

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The idea behind removing copper fouling in the bore is simply that you don't want it building up over repeated shooting. A slight copper "wash" is not a problem in itself and as mentioned with Hoppes No.9 or other similar chemical solvents time left in the bore is important in order for the chemical reaction to take place and dislodge the fouling of whatever nature. For only the worst cases of fouling in a bore do I use a brush and prefer products like Rem. Clean which is a thick liquid with very fine abrasive contents which will dislodge fouling and also tend to burnish/polish the bore at the same time. Use tight fitting patch and primary area to give attention to is the first 1/3 of the bore from breech end. I do several strokes in that area but avoid doing that at the muzzle end for the depositing of the fouling/copper takes place mostly back at the chamber/breech end.
Would mention that the Rem Clean looks like mud and if rubbed between the fingers you can barely feel the abrasive content. Another good item is JB Compound which is a paste of grease and abrasive contents. Eventually using these items on a bore will eliminate deposits of copper for you have polished away any rough spots or areas of the bore and prevents tearing away of the copper jacket as the bullet goes down the bore. You will find that some brands of bullets will tend to deposit copper fouling more than others from my experience. Don't be concerned about using such products will alter the bore diameter or lessen the grip of the lands on the bullet for it would take several lifetimes to do that.
To clean or not to clean is the question, but I do clean my rifle barrels but not to excess.
If I am going to go to an important match and unless you have opportunity for sight in shots, I don't want my barrel to be pristine clean, a small bit of fouling in the bore is desired. We have all heard the phrase "cold bore, first shot..." but not "clean bore, first shot..." Just a suggestion.

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I have found that the more copper I take out of the barrel the bigger my groups get. I use a little hoppes #9 every 300-400 rounds or so, other than that I swab the bore with WD-40 after every range trip (3-4 ) times a week. I got a bottle of sweets 7.62 about 10 years ago and still have it.

Thanks from RDS
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About every 100-250 rounds I do an MOA test at 100 yards. Until the groups get bad I don't worry about it. My rifles shoot their best coppered up. I use hoppys for copper removal. Follow these steps.

If you own more than one M14 then give them each a name.

Have a dope book for each M14 by name. Or some kind of log.

Log the average MOA with your ammunition of choice or the gold standard "Federal GMM" for each rifle every 100-250 rounds.

Keep track of ammunition count through each rifle. Or at least a ballpark number.

When MOA changes for the worst, clean barrel with hoppys till blue/green doesn't show.

Recopper barrel with two or three boxes of ammo then test MOA again.

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Haven't shot this platform much but I imagine I'll probably treat it the same way I do my precision bolt rifle which is, don't clean it until the velocities start dropping off. Once you find a load that produces good groups and consistent velocity shoot it until your bullets start coming out at measurably different speeds than what you want and then do a copper cleaning to get it back to the bare barrel metal and then fire some fouling shots to get it back to a small bit of copper and you're good to go again.

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