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The USGI M1/M14 NM rear sight.

This is a discussion on The USGI M1/M14 NM rear sight. within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Those that use the iron sights and shoot for accuracy usually invest in a NM base and wind knob. These expensive parts are totally un-necessary, ...

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The USGI M1/M14 NM rear sight.

Those that use the iron sights and shoot for accuracy usually invest in a NM base and wind knob. These expensive parts are totally un-necessary, a standard set up will work just as well, that is for off the bench, where few movements are required by comparison.

It has come to mine that it is time to debunk several items that have grown and taken on a life of thier own. Lets start with the fit of NM hooded aperture into the NM rear sight base..

The NM aperture does not fit into the NM base, it dosen't fit because the base or aperture is out of spec.. Rather than admit "We made a mistake", they double down and convience folks you can now custom fit the aperture stem by stoning for a perfect fit...In some cases using a file.. Don't' believe it. Who has the skill to stone or file a stem and hope to keep the rails parallel??? We are stuck with them, do the best you can..

When the NM bases and NM hooded apertures came along the Match M1 was the Service rifle used. By the time the Matched conditionied M14's ruled, all the NM rear sight bases would accept the NM hooded stems, with room to spare, all I saw anyway, and that was a bunch..

With this room to spare, the base was modified and a tightening mod was done to prevent wobble. There are a few examples in a popular Manual showing the mods. This shown mod is Ok, but not the best by far. Don Mc Coy's, along with another RS base mod, was and still is the best USGI rear sight yet to be developed.. This may be one reason his rifles are prized, and folks don't even know it...

As far as you rifle is concerned, accuracy starts with a sound rear sight.. . Art

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You modified one for me so I know, want to divulge McCoy's trick on how to remove windage lash or are you still keeping that trick tight to your vest?

Do you stone the aperture rails all the way to final fit or do you stone them until tight in the base then use an abrasive powder or paste to hone the parts to their final fit?

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The McCoy sight mod, I am convinced he didn't do this mod for everyone you had too request this service so not every rifle got it done.

I have a NM/A2 that fits the NM hooded aperture with zero side too side play no stoning was needed so you can say I got lucky.... It too has the McCoy mod done too the base, my problem it that with the additional spring added to the system the windage knob is too stiff and will not turn without great effort. Without the added spring, operation is as you would expect it too be normal tension so as a result I keep the spring in my baggie of spare parts. Currently my rear sight tracks without issue.

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As for having a so called NM rear sight on my past and present rifles it is more of a "thing to do" for me rather than a must do to shoot well. In prone position and say at the 600yd. target there are few shooters than can on a regular basis maintain shot placement within a 3" area, half minute at 600yds. for 20 rounds. If you did clean the target and shot some 10's along with your X's, the 10's were not the fault of your rear sight, it was you the shooter, ammo, wind, light, position, etc. I don't argue that the more precise the rear sight system the better but I often hear from shooters at a match and afterwards bemoaning that they dialed in so much elevation, wind, and they swore that they had done some high mathematics to insure that errant shot placement was the fault of the rear sight. Really, go back to the shower/bath house and look in the mirror while shaving and you will quickly see the reason for the errant shots. I know of no other sport other than the shooting sports that honesty is a great lesson to improve your shooting skills.
Just a rambling thought.

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