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This is a discussion on Stock comparisons within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; All, I'm new here; have been researching M1A platforms for some time, with the intention of purchasing one. I'm likely to go with an SA ...

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Stock comparisons

I'm new here; have been researching M1A platforms for some time, with the intention of purchasing one. I'm likely to go with an SA Loaded. I will be adding optics to this rifle.

Question that I have pertains to stock design. Forgive me if this has been asked in the past, but despite a search through the forum archives I didn't see a clear question or answer. Specifically, assume that you are given the choice of a standard design stock (such as the fiber reinforced one that SA offers), the "Precision" stock, a McMillan, or an EBR... is there a significant difference in accuracy potential between these? I tend to shoot from the prone, and am fine shooting off of a bag as opposed to using a bipod (I'm not a big fan of the added front-end weight that a bipod adds, anyway). So for the purpose of this discussion, figure that all stock options will be shot off of a bag and that a bipod will not be incorporated. Assume that standard measures are taken to help improve accuracy of the guts of the rifle. Honestly, my gut is to go with the standard FR stock and add a cheek piece to obtain proper alignment with the optic. Before I do that, I'd really like input from members who have shot M1As with two or more of the stock designs mentioned.

Also, a JAE stock is not in my budget, and I'm not looking for a wood stock at this time. I appreciate your input.

Many thanks...

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Welcome from CT.

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Welcome Viking from another PA member

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I've got some experience with nearly all the stocks and chassis combinations available.

I haven't extensively tested the SAGE, but my trials with two rifles with Bula barrels gave me promising data. One I built for Shawn L grouped fairly well with a Bula medium weight 19.25" barrel using different types of ammo which grouped between 1.2" and 1.6".
A long time comin' - Tony Ben EBR Build

Smallest group at 100 was 1.297"

The one I did in a SAGE for RZ-10 had the Bula 18" XM barrel. Initial test firing using 175gr FGMM grouped 9 shots very well within 1.7". The first shot printed outside the other 9 which I attributed to "settling" into the chassis.

Those were good results but consider the fact that these are budget barrels, not the full length $300 to $400 barrels that are available.

The Blackfeather took some tweaking and getting used to, but it did very well with a GI chrome lined barrel when all was said and done. I shot an average of 1 MOA at 200 yards over 5 groups of five shots. It held MOA out to 300 but seemed to have fallen apart at 600, but I only took it out once at 600.

My M25 with the 5R barrel has been a HAMMER! I initially used a HueyGunner carbon/graphite/kevlar stock and it's shot sub-MOA when I take my time.

M25/5R in a Hueygunner stock. 0.991 MOA

Hueygunner stock pictured below...

My T44E4/5R build that was bedded into a McMillan stock shoots very well and I haven't spent much time behind that rifle at all. I've just been too busy. On my initial range test, I cleaned an SR-1 target at 100 using iron sights. I shot a 200-13X.

I put a scope on it and shot some great groups too.
T44E4/5R/McMillan/post Wolfe Nitride Treatment range results.

I know you said the JAE was out of your budget, but I shot the best I've ever shot when I dropped my M25/5R into the JAE.
M25+5R Wolfe barrel+JAE-100= sub-MOA@ 200 yards

Given the right stock, chassis and action, the rifle can be capable of some very good accuracy.


Thanks from Lruss, gettinolder, habu1 and 4 others

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Welcome from Philadelphia.

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Welcome to the forum from South Dakota. McMillian has made heavy duty stocks for years. They are solid, stable, heavy, and you can get them with an adjustable cheek riser. Did I mention that they are heavy and expensive? SAI is making the Loaded with the option of a performace-type stock, have not used one so can't say how good they are. I believe that they are Archangle but don't quote me on that. You can get just about anything you could want depending upon what you are willing to pay. Jon Wolfe makes an upgraded USGI fiberglass stock that is almost indestructible along with a heck of a nice gun to go with it if you are interested. Also Ted Brown, Tony Ben, and several others here on the forum will build you really nice tack drivers in what ever configuration you want.

Thanks from tonyben
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Welcome, if a Mac is in your budget get one. Get one of the guys mentioned above to glass bed it. You want regret it.

Thanks from tonyben
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Holy Smokes Tony!

My M14 fever will never subside looking at your rifles and posts!

Thanks from tonyben and Wasted ammo
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Welcome to the forum, where else can you find such a good response to your questions?

Thanks from tonyben
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Tony - thank you very much for taking the time to post such a thorough and helpful reply to my question. It gives me a lot to consider.

I had read a review on a SA NM that had been placed into an EBR, and the accuracy was impressive. In fact, it seemed to rival (and in many cases, exceed) the accuracy reports for AR-pattern rifles. Your shooting is also really illustrative of potential with different features; it's great information.

Where the accuracy comes in for me is a consequence of my being an addicted long range marksman, however with bolt action, only, to date. I'd like to add an accurate semi to the safe. I have three gens of Marines in the family (one US, two British Royal), and was more interested in an M14/M1A-type rifle than an AR probably due to my dad's having done two tours in Vietnam. I've owned an AR10 in the past, chambered in .260 Rem, but just never warmed to it.

Boomer and Wasted - thank you, also, for your replies.

Thanks from tonyben and Lruss
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Welcome to the forum Viking

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M14 shooters looking for serious accuracy will usually choose a McMillan stock or an oversized wood stock, both with glass bedding. Standard stocks can work fine, but the heavier stocks add to the rifles stability and bedding keeps everything in place and improves consistency. I really like the M3A McMillan stock, but it is no longer being made and cannot be used in service rifle competition.

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Welcome to the forum

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