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Range Report: M1A Scout in Vltor Modstock GEN 2

This is a discussion on Range Report: M1A Scout in Vltor Modstock GEN 2 within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Thank you guys for all of your advice. I've been following this forum for a few years now and I finally feel I have a ...

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Range Report: M1A Scout in Vltor Modstock GEN 2

Thank you guys for all of your advice. I've been following this forum for a few years now and I finally feel I have a range report worth posting. I know these aren't the greatest numbers, but I'm pleased that my handloads are performing better than commercial M80 clones, which was my goal from the start.

My best group was FGGM 168: Max 1.624 moa, ATC (average to center) 0.600 moa

Handload Comparison: Max 3.401 moa, ATC 1.322 moa
Case: CBC12
Powder: 42 gr IMR4064
Bullet: 150 gr Hornady 3037 FMJ-BT
Primer: CCI
COAL: 2.700 0.005

ZQI M80 Clone : Max 6.968 moa, ATC 2.752 moa

Rifle: Springfield M1A Scout Squad 18.5"
Stock: Vltor Modstock GEN 2
Scope: Leatherwood Hi-Lux ATR LER 2-7x32mm
Ultimak M8 Railed Handguard
TreelineM14 Gas System Shim Kit
Sadlak NM Gas Piston TiN
Sadlak NM Op Rod Spring Guide
Fulton Armory Chrome Silicon Op Rod Spring
Harris Bipod

Range: 100 yd Bench Bipod supported

Do these numbers fit with your expectations for this setup and ammo? I'm new to accuracy comparisons.

My next steps are to see how much more powder I can put behind the 150 gr Hornady, maxing out at 43 gr. I'll switch to the 168 SMK after that.

Any suggestions on improving accuracy past that? I was thinking of changing the stock to an AG classic carbon fiber stock, but they are no longer producing them. Perhaps a fiberglass stock from TreelineM14?

Also, which stat is more commonly used in comparing accuracy? Max moa or ATC moa?

Thanks from JEFFJP_N_JJ
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Those groups really improved with ammo. I'm not familiar with your stock and how well it secures the action. The two best accuracy enhancements are ammo and trigger in my opinion. Both are easy to accomplish. Regarding the projectiles: The hornady 150 fmj shot much better than ball for me. I also tried SMK, Nosler Custom Comp, and Hornady HPBT Match. All in 168 and all shot better than the 150 FMJ. The least expensive Nosler shot very well at a lighter load, but was noticeably worse at higher velocity than the rest. The Hornady 168 shot the best and the SMK shot only slightly worse, but for more $. I have some Hornady Match 168 ELD's loaded and ready to test.

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Nice shooting. It doesn't look too bad starting out. I bet you can squeeze more precision out of the rig. Try looking at some of the NM tweaks for your rifle. One or two mods could shrink those groups a bit. I agree with a trigger or trigger job. You have some pics of your rifle?

Thanks from thirtysevenfoxtrot
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Good shooting, I would like to see the rifle also.

Thanks from Deacon and thirtysevenfoxtrot
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