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Life of barrel springfield national match

This is a discussion on Life of barrel springfield national match within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Originally Posted by Instructor French Ranger could answer this, but some Nations in Europe the firearm serial number is the barrel, not the receiver and ...

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Originally Posted by Instructor View Post
French Ranger could answer this, but some Nations in Europe the firearm serial number is the barrel, not the receiver and to change the barrel requires same process as buying another firearm, if it is even possible. Whether France is like this or not, don't know??
This is indeed the case, many problems with papers and regulations but possible with a lot of time ahead. The problem is that gunsmiths in France do not want to bother with this, they prefer to sell new weapons. At the moment and in spite of increasingly restrictive regulation, many brands of AR 15 available (BUSHMASTER, DANIEL DEFENSE, WIDHAM WEAPONERY, DPMS even COLT) but much more expensive than in the USA The "European" brands SIG - HK - OBERLAND are even more expensive) And of course, the French weapons that are non - existent (the army will have the HK 416)

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I have a different approach to this issue. Cast boolits. Linotype gas checked boolits in the 160-170 gr weight range loaded to about 2,000-2,100 fps will still cycle the action of an M1A. I use 36.0 gr IMR 3031 with a Lee 160 grain spire point sized to 0.311. Copper Hornady gas check. Alox lube. Minimal to no leading with the above load.

I have about 15,000 rounds of cast rifle bullets through a Remington 1903A3 rifle over about a 15 year period and have observed ZERO barrel wear in the grooves resulting from friction of the bullet passage. Throat and muzzle erosion is a different matter since it is a function of gas cutting. There is erosion with the cast boolits but not as much as full powered jacketed loads. The lower average pressure of a cast boolit (30,000 psi vs 50,000 psi of a jacketed load) also contributes to lower throat and muzzle erosion.

Accuracy is obviously not as good as a tuned match load with a traditional 30 cal jacketed bullet. I get 4-5 MOA at 100 yards with cast out of my M1A loaded. BUT they are great rounds for casual "plinking" if I can use such a blasphemy for a noble M1A. Save the fine tuned match ammo for load development and competition. The cast loads are dirt cheap at about 21-22 cents per round vs 65-70 cents for a match grade hand load.

If you have casting equipment try some out of your M1A.


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Originally Posted by French Ranger View Post
Hello everyone,
I have owned a M1A SPRINGFIELD NM for 2 years already, I like it very much my rifle and I take great pleasure to shoot with.
Only, I wonder how many shots I can make with before the barrel loses its accuracy: 5,000 shots, 10,000 plus. I only use it with quality bullets (google translate)
Thank you for your answers and have a good day
Depends on what type of propellant is used.

Cordite, not very long.

A nice cool single base propellant, longer

Thanks from French Ranger
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I got 6,161 Counted Rounds through my Super Match from the factory.
My 2nd Barrel, a SACO HB got 6,823 Rounds.
Now sports a Satern Stainless 5R Heavy Barrel, will see how the Stainless holds
up against the Chrome Moly.
I could have gone longer but shooting season ended, and did not want the barrel to go out Mid-Season.
Have to switch barrels, as my Gunsmith had time.


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