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This is a discussion on Range report 12/17/16 within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Warning: Pic heavy post. This is done hoping that somebody who has been through this before will recognize what is going on, or perhaps somebody ...

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Range report 12/17/16

Warning: Pic heavy post. This is done hoping that somebody who has been through this before will recognize what is going on, or perhaps somebody will have a new idea for me to chase out. Thanks in advance.

Back to southeast Alaska from Southcentral Alaska. Third trip to range today since back Monday. Brought home my Socom rifle which had a new barrel installed, unitized GC, rebedded, and other sundry work done by gunsmith.

Looking for solace here...

Disclaimer, In describing various components added or mods done to this rifle I will be brand specific. In no way shape or form do I fault any manufacturers product or any professional work done to my rifle. As a matter of fact I feel with the exclusion of a forged receiver (which would have been cheaper 6 years ago) I have all quality components and workmanship.

Socom 16, front rail removed, fiberglass heat shield relieved from stock with 1/8" clearance.
Bedded by smith/armorer into McMillan folder.
New Criterion match grade 1/10 twist.
Sadlak Airborne.
Leupold Vari-x patrol 1.25x4
Unitized GC, tig.
NM trigger work (smith removed adjustable trigger and speed hammer)
Sadlak piston
Sadlak Op rod guide.

First range trip produced mixed results, I was breaking barrel in and although I had a four shot string sub moa was not impressed with my shooting or rifle performance.

Second range trip not satisfied, using mostly FGMM to determine rifle capabilities, came to conclusion scope was defective.

Let me expound on this; I bought scope from a gunshop demo model, from day one I have felt as if turrets were mushy or inconsistent tension wise. While in Anchorage picked one up in Cabelas exact model and tried turrets, world of difference from my scope, so a lack of confidence there...

Third range trip (today) I took Leupold Patrol off and put a Leupold vari-x lll 4x10 which came off a TRG-s I own, that scope had been to Leupold factory and fixed when it stopped working properly. No charge of course, and no problems with that scope since.

After 25yd sight in moved out to 100 with FGMM. Gave up and took scope off after this group; (target on the right, rather on top, my handwriting gives orientation..)

Pardon the frustration, but my thoughts were "WHAT THE HELL?!" shots walked from low left to high right.

This with scope turned up to 10x.

With scope off, first time shooting irons in almost four years, I sighted in and shot target on left at 29yds. (yes, 29)

Moving out to 100 I shot open sights the following group first three FGMM ran out switched to 155gr Hornady OTM, ironically first shot 155gr was close to MOA with FGMM (168). Thankfully somebody had left a large black target I could see, as the orange cross hair was impossible for me to sight on with irons. Shots under target on plywood were not mine.

Fifth shot (second 155gr) a couple inches high which I expected anyway;

sixth shot, closer to FGMM grouping but I'm feeling pretty good about the irons;

Seventh shot

End of shooting session bench

More info. Scope windage turrets on the Patrol were centered with roughly three complete turns both directions (while sighted in). Sadlak mount is centered with the bore, checked with a straight edge.

All in all I felt I've eliminated the rifle itself and believe my problem lies with the mount, however it was installed this last go round by the smith and he is familiar with these mounts. Inspection at home all fasteners appear tight (loctited as well)

Going to a concert here in a bit so if I don't get back I'll check in later.

Again, thanks for looking. Merry Christmas in advance as well! For a holiday, it is a true "Holy Day"

Thanks from Old Sarge
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The orange and white target on the right in the top pics strikes me as odd. The shots are appear to shift the same amount each shot. If not for you saying that you used 2 different scope I would almost be willing to say it would be worth investigating the scope. I'm just as puzzled as you my friend. Good luck.

Thanks from gettinolder
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My first thought is the mount and scope height above the bore. These things can be so frustrating until a solution is discovered.
Personally I have had zero problems with the VX R patrols. In fact, of all the scopes I own maybe 12 or 15, the patrol is my favorite addition to the M-14 for general shooting and I have 5.
Make sure your rings and mount are torqued as recommended and good luck.
Cheek weld is also very critical.

Semper Fi

Thanks from gettinolder
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