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Thoughts on Tubbs Final Finish?

This is a discussion on Thoughts on Tubbs Final Finish? within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; Originally Posted by DFACcommando I would not use it on a barrel that is already shooting well, so I wouldn't recommend doing it to a ...

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Originally Posted by DFACcommando View Post
I would not use it on a barrel that is already shooting well, so I wouldn't recommend doing it to a new rifle without giving the factory barrel a chance.
It is important to note that there are two different Tubbs products. Final Finish is just for use on new barrels. It does new barrel break in in 1/4 the number of shots than if you were using regular ammo. The other product is the TMS. If you have already broken in your new barrel, you don't want to be shooting Final Finish through it. You might, however, want to to send 5 rounds of the TMS after x number of rounds of regular shooting just to touch up the throat. I broke in my new from the factory barrels using Final Finish and have a lot of TMS in reserve that I haven't shot yet

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There is nothing wrong using FF on a barrel anywhere along it's life.
I think that is where it excels. A new crown and FF can go a long way to improving an old rifle. The last rifle I used it on was an FAL and it did wonders to that too.
TMS was originally marketed as a barrel life maintenance plan after using FF but now is said to help with break in. Either way, it's meant to keep the throat smooth or in the case of a new rifle, help smooth out sharp edges in the throat left by the chamber reamer as it's spinning perp. to the bore.

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I've used Tubb's FF on couple of 30cal barrels one from the 50s (slicked it up, but didn't shoot any better), and an aftermarket M1 barrel that had some pretty rough tooling marks. The later really helped accuracy and fouling. Both barrels showed significant difference with borescope with regard to tool marks. One barrel appeared to have been reamed with a carbide burr.
I wouldn't run the full treatment through a match barrel, just not necessary...however I've taken to firing a couple of the Final finish rounds every couple hundred rounds through two of my match barrels that are getting a high round count (over 3500)...hey if it'll get me another season or two !!

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Originally Posted by jaholder View Post
Final finish works, the question is how much good it does on a run of the mill service rifle or bolt gun?
I'm only speaking of my own experiences with Final Finish, but I have done it on just about every run of the mill service rifle I own. The results, both in cleaning improvement and accuracy, have been positively noticeable. I'm maybe a bit of a cynic, but I do everything I can to a barrel to help improve it's accuracy. I have had just about all of my service rifle barrels cryogenically treated and then ran Final Finish through them; nothing but better results and the rifles will certainly shoot better than I can shoot them.

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Originally Posted by Rich D View Post
As the process makes the barrel smoother, that would reduce wear. If a hand lapped barrel is good, why is a fire lapped barrel bad, as hand lapping also causes "wear"? Not trying to be smart, but trying to get smarter by asking questions.
Hand lapped barrels by the big name barrel makers use much finer compounds and there bore diameters start off a weeee bit smaller.. As they lap some fine material is removed as its polished away.

The thing with fire lapping it that in order too see any results the coated pills are fairly aggressive too remove tool marks and chatter, you can say they don't really polish anything out but they scrape material away. I don't know about you, but I want my barrels as tight as I can. That's from chamber too muzzle I don't want too increase bore diameter.

If a barrel is a fouler buy more solvent and clean it or buy a barrel from a barrel maker that's known for there fine bore finishing.

Thanks from boomerpusher
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