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Longest shot you've fired with M14.....

This is a discussion on Longest shot you've fired with M14..... within the Accuracy forums, part of the M14 M1A Forum category; 500 yards at steel plates with DAG surplus/irons is the farthest I've gone. I'm not all that good at it, but damn does it feel ...

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Old November 12th, 2011, 09:59 AM   #76
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500 yards at steel plates with DAG surplus/irons is the farthest I've gone. I'm not all that good at it, but damn does it feel good when I hear the ping come back!

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500 meters (Bootcamp, USMC, 72') 10 bulls eyes from the prone! Never held another till I bought my M1A 1 1/2 yrs ago!

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You got me!! lol

Originally Posted by Phinehas View Post
700 yards on the nose.....

Here is my target...

Is that a powder burn I see on the target?

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Originally Posted by alphabuck View Post
500 yards at steel plates with DAG surplus/irons is the farthest I've gone. I'm not all that good at it, but damn does it feel good when I hear the ping come back!
At the present thats my favorite TGT/range.Ive a measured 500m along a section line on natl grass normally set paper bullseyes @100 steel silouettes
@ 300 and 500m.Great fun with M1A, iron sights,and surplus ball.I have to admit its more difficult than it sounds.My M1A seems about average accuracy wise? 5 shot, 2.5-3.5moa @ 100m,irons (prone sandbagged)w/surplus ball.Im ashamed to admit I have maybe 50-75% hits on a good day @500m.My rifle has basic accuracy mods.A GI massaged TG and shimmed GC.I have little forend pressure,fixing that would undoubtedly greatly enhance accuracy Im thinkin.

I also like to bang away w/my(as purchased '01') genuinely unissued yugo M48 w/accoutrements.No wear on bolt where it would normally be no primer stains on bolt face absolutyely no blue wear and a perfect (visually) bore.W/hvy 198 gr lead BT ball of argentine
'70's make it to brings in 2.5-3.5 MOA with the typically crude european mauser 98 sights.
Most accurate to the point of being little challenge,less fun is a
bushy HBAR w/an inexpensive scope. Shooting M855 type 62gr surplus ball
along with occaisonal BH 69gr BTHP match and even occaisonal use of the dreaded steel case 62gr ball wolf(after BM approved use,Warranty unaffected) Its very routine w/-w/o a scope to 500m.

Anyway back on topic those are my favorite shooting conditions w/my preferred types of military wpns.sadly mmissing my late HR garand and my
Rem 03A3,even w/a 2groove bbl it would outshoot the yugo mauser by a wide margin! Guessing the peep sights.

Such is life.

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Old December 28th, 2011, 12:05 PM   #80
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600 yards, with some regularity. 168 SMK's or 178 A-MAX, and iron sights. The rifle is an early 80's Standard Grade SAI.

Good Luck and Good Shooting,


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Old December 28th, 2011, 12:22 PM   #81
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500yrds, Cody Wy. Shooting Complex.

When we went to check targets we sawabout 6 antelope that were between the 400 and 500 yrd. berms. Shot right over their heads and didn't even know they were there.

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500 yards. 1972 U.S Marine Corps boot camp. Semper Fi

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600 yards, with my M1A Bridgeville, DE
1,000 yards, with a Crane M14 at Quantico, VA

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1000 yards- Ft Wolters Gun Club. SA NM w 175gr Black Hills match.

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Awards Showcase

Longest shot? Hmmmmm...... 28,000 meters.

Oops, that was the time I got to pull the lanyard on an M198 Howitzer with a rocket assisted Projo. The gun crew REALLY knew their stuff, though, and it was a hit. Talk about making a "shooter" look good. Grin.

In all the years I was involved with competition shooting, I know I never shot at 1,000 yards and I don't think I shot at 600 with an M14. So, for sure my longest distance was 500 yards.

Thanks from Whatsinaname181 and ckkphoto
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Awards Showcase

Originally Posted by Koldsteel View Post
1000 yards- Ft Wolters Gun Club. SA NM w 175gr Black Hills match.
The last time I shot 1K at Wolters was in 78, and have not shot XC there since State match in 06, do they allow 30 calibers back on the range now?

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The range I go to has 55, 110, 220, 350, 540 an 740 yds. With my Fed. Ord. with all USGI parts, Basset mount an 3X9 Nikon Bushmaster. With German MEN ammo my groups are -3" at 220 on paper. I have a BDC scope with the range circles in them, using them I hit the chest size gong at 350, an 540. The 540 also has a 10" gong an I either hit it or come close. The 740 yd is fun, I haven't gone down to put paper up yet there, but it has a 10" gong, aiming at the bottom of the cross hairs I have came close to hitting it an my son has hit with my rifle.

Last week we went to the range with some TRACERS an good time was had by all!!!!
I was laughing out loud as sparks an tracer was hitting the 350 an then the 540 little gong....its GREAT seeing where your round is going down range an hitting.....been a long time since I saw that from the Army days. I then go down to 740 an never hit the 10" gong but man they were close!!! My son shot some at the 540 an I got so sit back an enjoy the show...before we knew it only 2 rounds left of tracer....so we went to the 740 an I told my son where to hold an aim....his first shot dropped in an just missed...his second an last shot dropped in an HIT !!! It looked like a big welding spark an the gong was flopping around....I love this RIFLE. Not to bad for a 1100.00 gunbroker in a wood stock, all I did was shim the gas system when I got it.

Thanks from Whatsinaname181
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Originally Posted by M14xman View Post
there is a federal law that states any law abiding american citizen that is of age, may enter and use any leo or military range for the purpose of recreational shooting. as long as it does not interfere with any ongoing operations or classifications. they may not charge any more than it takes to run said operation. leo's receive federal monies to keep these ranges running around the country, and are therefore held to observe these federal guidelines. you may go to your local police range and shoot, and they may not be allowed to stop you. they may only charge you for their targets if you use any, or a percentage of lighting cost ( electricity if used ) and a small nominal fee for range use to offset any range officer cost that may be there on duty, usually five dollars. anything other than this is in fact criminal. pro rated for all the civilian users of the range annually. these facilities belong to "US", the people of the united states. do not let anyone tell you any different. look up the law and print a copy of it up, to take with you to any military base or leo range. they are public ranges, period ! anyone gives you any trouble, tell them to speak to a lawyer, they will need one soon.
Military base ranges are not open to the public. That law just means that civilians “may” use military ranges if they have special permission. Which mostly just includes shooting matches and other special events. If you want to hold a match or shooting event on base you have to contact range control and submit a request. Which they again “may” or may not approve. If approved you will be required to submit a roster that includes everyones full name type of rifle and serial number which is suppose to be checked off at the gate. Don't believe me go ahead and go to your nearest military base with weapons and ammo demanding that they let you use there facilities. In this post 9/11 era that's a good way to get yourself detained.

Anyways back to the original topic. The most I shoot right now is just 600 yards for matches.

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Old January 4th, 2012, 03:17 AM   #89
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longest shot with an M1A

Originally Posted by Vandal View Post
What is the furthest shot you've fired accurately with the M14/M1A? I'm curious to see how far the members here have fired their rifles. I have not fired past 150yds yet as I'm still trying to find a range without paying $600 in membership fees.
Easy to answer: I've shot PALMA with M1As since 1976. This is 800, 900 and 1000 yards. Given the way I figured out how to NM an M14 and M1As (nope, I do NOT do it strictly USMTU as referenced in the Duffy book without crediting the USMTU manual).... never shot less then 80% of score. PALMA is shot "Any rifle iron sites" and "Any Rifle any Sites". My iron sites were NM, my scope was a Leopold 2 X 7 mounted on the classic Griffin and Howe Claw Hook Mount. To shoot Iron, just undo the locks, slide the top off with the scope... put it in the shooting case and shoot! Any sites came up, slide the top end with the scope on it and lock it down. Always got 100% accuracy without having to re-zero the scope. At our range, we strictly shot 1000 yards. Nowhere to put the 800 and 900 yard pads.

Look for accurizing an M1A in "M14 Unclassified" coming later this year, it covers everything except "history"... seen to many "history's" and it's gotten boring since I know to many people that built M14s, including the incredible Don Stoehr... lead Engineer at TRW for the M14 production, he designed the LMR/LMW and worked on the HiVAP system. One hell of a guy. Sadly Don passed away in 2011.

Me? Shot my first M14s in 1969 (an NM and an E2 with selector).. bought my first M1A in 73, made my first Barrel vise and action wrench in 1975 to tear my M1A apart and turn it into NM. Nope, I do not drill and tap gas cylinders, not do I use the welded ones... not needed.

No kidding folks... this is one MONSTER of a book... and I've already discussed that it will have a 2nd Ed.. and have long since come up with a way for the people that buy the 1st Ed to get the update without buying the whole book again. Tuning is probably the easiest for me since I've done so many M1As.. and yes, when I had a class III, I worked on M14s... I think I have a picture of my testing the 249 in 1980 on FACEBOOK... I posted it on Pete Brownells wall.

One more note... one of the major reason I wrote it was because of ALL the damn digging I had to do, to get tools (couldn't ever find a complete USGI armorers kit) or make them, ammo components to use, reloading, etc etc etc. I've done the work for everyone of you. Including my favorite "cheats". They work! People that have read some of this (incomplete) have become incredibly involved. This will be the best source of M1A info ever published and I am proud of it

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Old January 4th, 2012, 03:31 AM   #90
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shooting M1As at 1000 yards

Originally Posted by Major Stuph View Post
It was 1,000 yds at Camp Perry, 1974/5. This was with a GI NM light barrel completely accurized by myself, Springfield Armory receiver SN 0034xx. I asked the Army shooter scoring me how much to come up from 600 and he stated 21 clicks. OK..., so I checked my wind charts, the flags were standing straight out - not uncommon at Perry, and I couldn't believe it said 14 minutes so I cranked away at my sights. I laid there and fired. The target went down, which in itself was a feat, that I hit it at all!! The target came back up and it was a 9 at 6 O'clock. I was thrilled to say the least. Hit it dead on for wind, just came up two minutes for E. I think I ended up with a score in the 170s. Of course, I was shooting my across the course ammo, 168s. Little did I know then that they were unstablizing at about 900 yards but still hitting the target within reasonable accuracy. No one told me they were going in sideways so I assume they were hitting head on. Oh Yes, I forgot, I did shoot 1200 meters during a anti sniper course at Fort Meade with the old M21 system with M118 ammo.
Carl Leisinger

Whew. does this take me back. I dialed in 44 clicks on my NM sites with the old classic USGI NM barrel (I had no fewer then 12 sitting in my closer at any given time). I used M118 (several different lots) then moved to handloads with the LAPUA 170 grn bullet and the Hornady copy whic was dropped when the father was killed in a plane crash. They sure were cheaper then the Lapua's! chuckle. The classic Lapua 170 is no longer made. I did question them on this and never got a straight answer although I did find out how and why they came up with what I call the "Stepped" boat tail. Gave superb accuracy out the the USGI NM barrels, better then the Mexican Match with the Sierra 168grn MK's. The classci USGI NM barrels were oversized. I slugged every one of the USGI NM barrels I bought. Had great source back in the late 70's, early 80's.

Ah well, I'm rambling again... look for M14 Unclassified later in 2012. It will cover all of it, from stock refurbishing to reloading (including info on the "Brown Box" which was so so copy of the M118 white box ammo... but nowhere near the quality of the Lake City ammo. To accurizing and so on. It also has one hell of a vendor list, tools needed and so on. All the "FAQ's" are answered before they're asked... since I've already dug up the info over the years.

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